Optimise your asset performance with Enterprise Asset Management

Manage strategic, tactical and operational processes with enhanced cost and performance visibility​

Manage work processes, with enhanced cost and performance visibility

TechnologyOne Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) delivers an enterprise approach to managing assets with a single view of all asset information across your organisation.

Align with ISO 55000 by optimising the lifecycle performance of infrastructure assets in a single, integrated solution. This incorporates long-term asset planning and multi-year capital works programs to day-to-day operational asset management.

Asset Lifecycle Management - TechnologyOne
Asset Lifecycle Management Software - TechnologyOne

Enterprise Asset Management benefits

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Enterprise Asset Management

Make informed asset investment decisions, take control of capital expenditure and manage work processes with true cost and performance visibility.

Enterprise Asset Management

Plan, track and execute with Enterprise Asset Management to support optimal asset monitoring and performance.

  • Assets and fleet Bookings - TechnlogyOne

    Asset & Fleet Booking

    A simple self-service model for booking assets including plant and fleet.
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  • Maintenance Scheduling - TechnologyOne

    Maintenance Scheduling

    Automated maintenance scheduling to increase asset reliability and service life.
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  • eContractorWork - TechnologyOne


    Enable contractors to provide immediate updates on their assigned work with a simple mobile application.
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  • Physical Asset Register - TechnologyOne.png

    Physical Asset Register

    Complete record of physical asset information, relationship and attributes.
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  • Work Billing - TechnologyOne

    Work Billing

    Streamline the billing lifecycle across projects and contracts.
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  • Work Requests - TechnologyOne

    Work Requests

    Proactively manage reactive work and meet service level standards.
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  • Work schedule - TechnologyOne

    Work Schedule & Dispatch

    Achieve optimal work scheduling and resource utilisation.
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Strategic Asset Management

Measure and improve the performance of your assets and enhance maintenance strategies.

  • Asset Valuation - TechnologyOne

    Asset Valuations

    Calculate the remaining life of your assets using proven degradation models.
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  • Prediction Modelling - TechnologyOne

    Prediction Modelling & Optimisation

    Build, operate, renew and plan assets to meet long-term infrastructure objectives.
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Project Lifecycle Management

Deliver long-term capital objectives on time and on budget.

  • Investments - TechnologyOne

    Investment Prioritisation & Optimisation

    Manage and improve long-term infrastructure planning processes.
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  • Work schedule - TechnologyOne

    Project Scheduling

    Schedule any type of project and work breakdown structure using embedded Gantt charts.
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  • Methodology - TechnologyOne

    Methodology Framework

    Manage portfolio, program and project processes using industry accepted methodology frameworks.
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Mobile Asset Management

Take information offline while working in the field and seamlessly save information back into the asset management system.

  • Mobile Asset Enquiries - TechnologyOne

    Mobile Asset Enquiries

    Enquire on comprehensive asset, work and defect history on mobile devices.
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  • Asset Survey - TechnologyOne

    Mobile Asset Survey

    Capture details of new assets, including spatial location, and update existing assets while in the field.
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  • Crew Management - TechnologyOne

    Mobile Crew Management

    Streamline time recording for crews on mobile devices.
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  • Mobile Defects - TechnologyOne

    Mobile Defects

    Perform asset inspections and raise defects on mobile devices, with or without a network connection.
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  • Mobile Work Orders - TechnologyOne

    Mobile Work Orders

    Manage OPEX and CAPEX work and capture all job costs.

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