Optimise your asset management with a lifecycle approach

Managing high-value assets and delivering projects on time and on budget is no simple feat. There’s often a maze of people, processes, information and technology involved, contributing to a complex and often siloed operating environment.

For large infrastructure companies, utilities and property developers responsible for spending millions to billions of dollars, it’s critical to have an optimised platform in place that can utilise asset lifecycle management with a single view of all asset information across its organisation to support these operations efficiently.

Our OneAsset SaaS ERP solution simplifies complex operations and provides the capabilities needed to manage all aspects of asset and project lifecycles from ideation to closure and retirement via a single platform.

The three stages of asset lifecycle management

Asset lifecycle management is divided into three phases, each with a typical length of time required to implement.

  1. Strategic: The overarching strategy for asset management. Analyses the long-term sustainability of assets and allows for informed investment decisions across a period of 5-30 years
  2. Tactical: The delivery and commission of capital expenditure projects to achieve long-term asset management plans. These works are usually planned over a period of 1-5 years
  3. Operational: Day-to-day asset care and work management practices to ensure assets are safe, reliable and available. These tasks don’t require long-term planning and are usually planned for less than a year in advance.

Lifecycle management with TechnologyOne’s integrated enterprise solution

Our OneAsset solution is matched to the three phases of lifecycle management and gives you and your team members the ability to access a modern user interface on any device, anywhere, at any time while collaborating on the go.

It’s designed to simplify the way you work and help you gain greater visibility across the entire asset or project lifecycle. A single source of truth to make data-driven decisions.

1. Strategic Asset Management

Manage long-term asset strategies including future treatment planning and integrated asset accounting practices. Make informed, evidence-based asset investment decisions and clearly communicate complex engineering outcomes to stakeholders by:

  • Prediction modelling based on condition, capacity and functionality
    Understand the lifecycle costs of your assets, including renewal, maintenance, upgrade and operating costs
  • ISO 31000 risk management
    Incorporate a risk management approach and make informed, evidence-based asset investment decisions that are prioritised based on asset criticality and risk
  • Optimised treatment planning
    Predict asset maintenance costs and treatments required to achieve required level of service
  • Revaluations 
    Determine remaining life of assets by applying degradation patterns at a component level and perform revaluations based on unit rates

2. Capital Planning & Delivery

Optimise capital work programs and manage all project processes using best practice portfolio, program and project management methodologies.

  • Integrated prediction modelling 
    Seamlessly make lifecycle cost predictions and derive optimal capital and maintenance works programs for a range of long-term financial scenarios
  • Investment selection
    Take renewal, new and upgrade initiatives through a rigorous investment selection process to finalise forward capital works programs and manage project submission and approval processes
  • Program and project delivery 
    Manage costs, budgets, forecasts, contracts, progress, schedules, commitments, risks and issues. Maintain cash flow forecasts within a definable forecast worksheet structure
  • Project portfolio management 
    Meet best practice guidelines including PRINCE2, PMBOK, Management of Portfolios (MoP) and Managing Successful Programmes (MSP). Adopt and adapt best practice processes and controls to meet organisational requirements

3. Enterprise Asset Management

Manage asset and work management from call centre requests through to work scheduling, maintenance and completion.

  • IIMM and ISO 55000 
    Align with industry best practices including IIMM and ISO 55000 by optimising the lifecycle performance of assets in a single, integrated solution
  • Asset management 
    Manage the performance of your assets with full visibility into cost, utilisation and performance of all your organisation’s assets
  • Work management 
    Manage all types of work, including planned inspections and scheduled maintenance as well as reactive work, defect management, and optimise work scheduling and utilisation
  • Field mobile 
    Enable field teams to process work orders, capture asset data, inspect assets and raise defects on any device in the field, in both connected and disconnected environments

Experience the OneAsset advantage

Our SaaS ERP solution is specifically designed for asset and project-intensive organisations to reduce implementation time, cost and risk.

Contact us today to discover how we can help you reduce costs, remove complexity and streamline lifecycle processes with one integrated solution built for complex assets and projects.

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09 Apr 2021

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