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Supporting better outcomes for patients, residents, and clients

TechnologyOne’s enterprise approach enables care providers, hospitals, and community organisations to reduce operating costs and wastage, accurately bill and manage debtors, maximise theatre usage, and manage compliance through improved visibility, accuracy, and efficiency.

Our global SaaS ERP solution integrates seamlessly with your patient, resident, or client management system, streamlining your business processes, and allowing you to focus on better health outcomes.

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Health and Community Services Software - TechnologyOne
Spinal Life

OneCare has enabled us to reduce our support load and expenditure on other systems.

Transforming the core operations of the health and community services industry

Transform your organisation with an enterprise SaaS solution that enables you to improve your back-office systems to save time and money.

Aged, Disability, and Home Care

The aged, disability, and home care industry is highly regulated and competitive, placing providers under increasing revenue and compliance pressure.

Discover how our solution can provide financial sustainability, help with automation, operational control, and workforce processes.

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Managing processes related to medical prosthesis equipment is a common problem within the healthcare industry. Our team worked with hospitals to build a fit-for-purpose procedure management solution for the sector.

Learn about how our Procedure Management module, part of the OneCare solution, can help you solve issues managing prostheses and capturing usage and billing information.

Not-for-Profit and Community Service Providers

Automate business processes, manage grants, programs, and service delivery while remaining competitive with our scalable, integrated OneCare solution.

Gain financial accountability, grant tracking, automation, operational control, and integration possibilities with OneCare.

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Transform the day-to-day operations of your organisation with a single, integrated solution available anywhere, any time.

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TechnologyOne is proud to partner with and support the Aged Care sector

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