Connecting customers, property and community with Property & Rating

Capture, retrieve and report on all your property information with a single integrated solution

Consolidate debt management and centralised policy and compliance management

TechnologyOne Property & Rating combines powerful autonomous intelligence for data management with a high performing revenue engine for billing and regulatory management to meet customer and community needs.

Easily manage billing and revenue activities from one platform to gain a better undertstanding of your customers' account history and status. Easily manage customer requests and transactions with sophisticated search capabilities and instant information retrieval. Spend less time on administration and more time making current and informed decisions to support your customers.

Property and Rating - TechnologyOne
Property & Rating Software - TechnologyOne

Property & Rating benefits

Property & Rating capabilities

Property & Rating delivers a complete approach to managing community consultation as part of development submissions, billing and revenue collection, eService provision, mobile solutions for field officers, rates calculation modelling and lots more.
  • Application Submission Management

    Electronically record submissions, manage assessments and accurately report on the findings to meet local government legislative obligations of engaging the community.
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  • Capital-panning-delivery-TechnologyOne


    A consistent, auditable online assessment process for all types of developments.
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  • Billing and Debtors - TechnologyOne

    Billing and Debtors

    An integrated, central solution for recording, maintaining and processing debts with superior performance.
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  • Community

    Community Consultation

    Collect and collate invited feedback electronically from the public to assist with the engagement process and facilitate better governance and decision making.
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  • Software Integration - TechnologyOne

    External Systems Interface (ESI)

    Dramatically reduce the time and costs of integrating TechnologyOne solutions with third party systems.
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  • Self Service Functions - TechnologyOne


    Remove repetitive time consuming activities and free up your back-office administration team by empowering the community to complete tasks
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  • Intramaps-Enterprise - TechnologyOne

    Integrated GIS Mapping

    Spatially locate customer requests on a map using Embedded Mapping, supported across functions, desktop views and mobile solutions
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  • Mobile First - TechnologyOne

    Mobile Infringements

    Increase operational efficiency and maximise resources through an easy to use, out-of-the-box and cost effective solution.
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  • Mobile Asset Management - TechnologyOne

    Mobile Solutions

    A solution suite to enable field workers to efficiently operate using mobile devices for conducting inspections, submitting and responding  to requests even while offline.
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  • Reporting - TechnologyOne


    Remove the complexity of managing planning schemes and change the way complex data is managed and presented to the community.
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  • Strategic-Asset-Manager-TechnologyOne

    Rates Modelling

    A sophisticated tool to calculate and analyse proposed rates with clear visibility of the effect on ratepayers.
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  • Task Booking and Scheduling - TechnologyOne

    Task Booking and Scheduling

    Book and manage inspection tasks dynamically to achieve optimum resource utilisation.
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Our latest software release delivers enhancements designed to simplify the way you work and elevate your enterprise experience.


  • Media release
    18 Oct 2022

    City of Casey moving forward with new TechnologyOne software solution

    The City of Casey will transition to the TechnologyOne enterprise SaaS platform to boost ‘future-readiness’ and improve engagement with the community


  • Media release
    23 May 2022

    Community benefits as ‘Tech Trailblazer’ councils roll out TechnologyOne’s Property and Rating customer solution

    Victoria‘s Bass Coast Shire Council successfully implements TechnologyOne’s SaaS solution, transforming the way the local community interacts with council.


  • Case study
    29 May 2019

    City of Mitcham

    The City of Mitcham digitised 5.6 million property records, automated its property information search process & saved $120,000 per annum. Discover how here.


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