David Cope

Executive Vice President - Customer Experience

About David

David joined TechnologyOne in 2020 with a focus on the evolution and continuous improvement of end-to-end ERP delivery. Driving SaaS Plus (Solution as a Service), he now plays a pivotal role in the transformation of TechnologyOne's customer-facing service and delivery functions across Industry Direction, Industry Solutions, Consulting, Support, and Customer Success in line with SaaS Plus.

A seasoned technology professional, David has a passion for driving digital transformation and leveraging emerging technologies to deliver business value. Throughout his career he's been a forefront of disruptive domains such as SaaS, data and analytics, AI, IoT, and automation.

Prior to his role at TechnologyOne, David held the position of Managing Partner at IBM, where he led large-scale consulting and delivery practices. He spearheaded all aspects of business development, implementation, execution, people and talent management, and consulting operations.

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