In this release

Inventory Lifecycle Management

Leverage integrated and intelligent barcode scanning and analytics to efficiently manage stock levels.

Resource Capacity Planning

Plan current and future work based on resource utilisation with an extension of Project Scheduling.

SharePoint Integration

A simplified process to add documents from SharePoint into TechnologyOne software via the Attachment Grids and Enterprise Content Management.

Simplified Enquiry & Lodgement for Applications

Give field workers the power to complete inspections in the field, on any device.

Enterprise Maps

Administrators can now configure and service Enterprise Maps projects from within Ci Anywhere.

Enhanced Data Gathering

Enables distribution of the data gathering process to occasional users without training or powerful hardware.

Inventory Lifecycle Management

Leverage integrated and intelligent barcode scanning on mobile devices and embedded analytics to efficiently manage stock levels.

  • Perform picking and counting of stock directly on mobile devices to increase ‘green’ credentials and embrace paperless stores
  • Gain efficiencies and accuracy by processing stock transactions directly on mobile devices and reducing cost
  • Harness business process automation to manage risk and control
Supply Chain Management

Resource Capacity Planning

Plan current and future work based on resource utilisation, using an extension of Project Scheduling that includes resource capacity and planning.

Gain a consolidated view of the availability of resources to balance capacity with estimates from planning tasks, work orders, and projects.

Enterprise Asset Management

SharePoint Integration

A simplified process to add documents from SharePoint into TechnologyOne software via Attachment Grids and Enterprise Content Management.

This cloud integration extension provides users the ability to add SharePoint documents to Enterprise Content Management and the enhanced Attachment Grids.

Enterprise Content Management

Simplified Enquiry & Lodgement for Applications

A smooth and intuitive process for online lodgement and compliance enquiries.

The Simple Enquiry process is a usability-tested application lodgement wizard that guides users through the process of lodging an application to:

  • Make the process smooth and intuitive
  • Reduce confusion, lost transactions, and lost application lodgements
  • Provide guidance and flexibility to move forward and backward during the lodgement online
Property & Rating

Enterprise Maps

Administrators can now configure and service Enterprise Maps projects from within Ci Anywhere.

  • Configure an Enterprise Project and associated modules
  • Assign specific users access to various modules that include additional functionality, such as Selection Layers, Basemaps, Search Forms, Export Functionality, and much more

Enhanced Data Gathering

Enable distribution of the data gathering process to many occasional users who do not require training or powerful hardware.

  • Provides web-based forms that can be used directly by knowledge holders
  • Allows occasional users to undertake the exercise in parallel with trained users of Syllabus Plus Timetabling module
  • Supports tracking of the process to enable administrators to manage the tasks
  • Supports multi-layered approval prior to submission if required
Timetabling & Scheduling

Other enhancements

Our goal is to deliver enterprise software that’s incredibly simple to use. That's why, for every release, we are focused on enhancing our product capabilities and ensuring we meet industry standards to create a seamless experience for our customers.
  • Product Enablement

    • Recurring Jobs Enquiry

      View recurring jobs set up for the distributed processor queues in Ci Anywhere.

    • Ci Anywhere Analysers

      Run reports using system administration analysers that are now available in Ci Anywhere.

    • Enhanced Workplace Enterprise Search

      Easily search for a record within a function from enterprise search.

    • Scientia Integration

      Enables Scientia customers to access Syllabus Plus from the Ci Anywhere workplace.

    • Form Enhancements

      Increased functionality provides an improved user experience when using forms.

    • Design Studio Enhancements

      A streamlined user experience in Design Studio and Design Studio Administration.

  • Financials

    • Simplifying Processes

      A simplified experience and increased support for worksheet templates and scheduling.

    • Enhanced Picklists for Streamlined Processing

      Enhancements to pick lists which allow saved layouts and criteria views for future use.

    • Improved Document Imports

      Improvements to the processing of documents, including recurring schedules, that provide additional automation capabilities.

    • Streamlined Reconciliations

      Streamline reconciliation processes with improved administrative controls.

    • Enhanced Data Entry Experience

      An enhanced data entry experience and improved visibility of eInvoices that supports approvals and decision making.

    • Enhanced Travel and Expenses

      Manage expense systems and type maintenance in Ci Anywhere, leverage improved visibility of expense lines and enhance administrative controls.

    • Reporting Analyser Enhancements

      Leverage updated reporting functionality to simplify how to access and utilise information.

  • Enterprise Cash Receipting

    • EFTPOS Integrated Settlement

      Enables support for integrated EFTPOS settlement for SaaS-based EFTPOS terminals in Ci Anywhere.

    • Reversal Payment Types

      Enables support for nominating a payment type when performing a refund.

    • Enhanced PCI Phone Payments

      Enhancements that integrate the IPSI phone payment solution to enable PCI-compliant over the phone credit card payments.

    • Integrated System HealthCheck Recommendations

      Improved system administration of device settings, payment gateway recommendations, and payment type enhancements.

    • Centralised Security Category Management

      Streamlined security administration via a single, centralised category.

    • Improved Financials Posting Integration

      Improvements that show the detailed status of transactions and drill down capability in Financials.

  • Supply Chain Management

    • Enhanced Contact Management on Approaches to Market

      Enhancements allow users to invite multiple contacts from an organisation to an approach to market.

    • Improved Approach to Market Experience

      Simplify the approach to market experience for users by restricting access to features.

    • Contract Upgrade Worksheet

      Upgrade multiple supported Ci Contracts to Ci Anywhere Contracts.

    • Advanced Contract Variation Processing

      Enables the owner to have multiple concurrent variations of a contract.

    • Archiving of Purchase Orders and Inventory Transactions

      Control supply chain management archiving processes within Ci Anywhere.

    • Simplified and Streamlined Supplier Return Processing

      Improved supplier return processing allows returns to be initiated directly from the purchase order.

    • Enhanced Stock Transaction Entry

      Enhanced stock transaction entry that supports all transaction types to be processed in Ci Anywhere.

    • Internal Replenishment Worksheet

      Perform internal replenishment of stores in Ci Anywhere.

    • Stock Requisition Amendments

      Perform stock requisition amendments in Ci Anywhere.

  • Enterprise Asset Management

    • Shipped Dashboards for Fleet Management

      A comprehensive view of how a fleet is performing.

    • Customise Work Order Descriptions from Maintenance Scheduling

      Customise the details of work orders generated from maintenance schedule processing through an enhancement that exposes expression fields on maintenance schedules.

    • Field App – Stock Issuing

      Improvements to work orders in the Field App now enable users to record stock usage while in the field.

    • Field App – Edit MS-Office Documents

      The ability to edit document attachments in Field App without the need to edit separately and reattach.

    • Rapid Defect Assessment

      Assess a large volume of defects quickly and simply with improvements that allow the desktop assessor to update details prior to the Work Triage process.

  • Spatial

    • Create TileEngine Basemaps from Catalogue Layers

      Save time with streamlined deployment of Basemaps directly from the Spatial Catalogue.

    • TileEngine Basemaps Automatically Available in Basemaps Series

      A simplified workflow that enables administrators to directly add Basemaps to a Series.

  • Human Resources & Payroll

    • Recognised Continuous Service

      Automations that enable continuous service to be used to calculate leave and other service-related entitlements.

    • Back Office Timesheet Entry

      Converts the Bulk Timesheet screen that enables users to use their keypad and streamline data entry to Ci Anywhere.

    • Recruitment Shortlisting

      Simplifies the applicant shortlisting experience, allowing more supporting information on screen.

    • Ci Anywhere Analysers

      Enables users to report effectively from Ci Anywhere with the addition of 60 CiA Analysers.

    • Confirming Identity for Internal Job Applicants

      Simplifies the internal applicant experience by removing the requirement for them to confirm their identity.

    • Leave Enhancements

      Use expressions to define calculations associated with Australian Long Service.

  • Property & Rating

    • Bonds and Guarantees

      Provides users the ability to take a bond or guarantee from a customer related to an application either online or over the counter.

    • Field App – Request Management

      Manage requests from a mobile iOS or Android device, including resolving and updating online and/or offline.

    • Rating Dashboard

      Easily access the most common rate balance queries, and search and drill into records via a central dashboard.

    • Configurable Application Tracking Portal Sections

      Enables users to hide non-applicable sections from the portal for application types.

    • Staging of Infrastructure Charges

      Enables contributions or levies to be charged and collected for development applications within a stage, along with the management of any charge offsets.

    • Enhancements to Animal Property Threshold Overrides

      Enables users to restrict a property from allowing the containment of an animal and stop an animal inadvertently being registered on a property that may have restrictions in place.

    • Inline Policy Term Definitions

      Provides users with definitions when they hover over specific terms in a policy.

    • Kerbside Collection Booking with Request Management

      Provides the ability for request management to take and process booking requests for kerbside collection.

    • Guest Name Matching during Request Creation

      Search and match guest customers raising requests via the portal with the existing available names and contacts stored in the name management system.

  • Enterprise Content Management

    • Source Location

      Improvements to information management visibility to help users understand the flow of information within their organisation.

    • Records Management Dashboard

      Enables customers to better understand their document behaviour, including types of documents being captured, and the source of capture.

  • Corporate Performance Management

    • Dashboard Enhancements

      New enhancements allow users to display server folder images and have more precise control over visualisation placements on a dashboard.

    • Enhanced Analytics Enquiry Behaviour

      Improvements to runtime options for drilldown, criteria tree, defaulting column views and row suppression provide enhanced capabilities and a simplified experience.

    • Data Model Enhancements

      Enhancements to data models provide more control when sorting records and returning description fields, distinct rows, and top and bottom rows.

    • Improved ETL Design Experience

      Improvements to designing ETLs allow users to maximise the preview table results window, provide custom variable picklists, and access current DP job numbers.

    • Improved ETL Initiated Imports

      Improved automation capability with the ability to run imports for chart accounts and commitments in ETL.

    • Simple Budgeting Solution via Excel

      Access a simple method for the creation and loading of budget data from Microsoft Excel into a financials ledger.

    • Enhanced Capability for Budgeting

      Improvements to budgeting capability with permissions to control the devolving of budget model administration to users.

  • Student Management

    • Job Ready Graduates – Pass Rate Requirements

      The capability to adhere to new student eligibility rules for ongoing government funding.

    • OS-HELP 2022 eCAFs

      The capability to adhere to new student eligibility rules for the existing OS-HELP loan scheme.

    • Advanced Task Rule Trigger Criteria

      Enhancements to student tasks allow users to identify and target specific cohorts for appropriate tasks.

    • Student Portal Plan and Enrol Enhancements

      New enhancements deliver a better user experience for students to self-manage their study via the Student Portal.

  • Timetabling & Scheduling

    • Timetable Requirements Gathering

      Allows users with the knowledge of how teaching will be delivered to interact intuitively with the system.

    • Exchange 365 Integration

      Supports interaction between Scientia modules and Exchange 365 calendars.

    • Staff Availability Gathering

      Provides academics with a form that allows submission of events that affect availability.

    • Exchange Connector

      Enables staff and student calendars to be kept up-to-date with teaching and learning activities timetabled in Syllabus Plus.

    • Exchange Locations

      Supporting two-way synchronisation between bookings of locations made using Exchange Calendar and bookings made using Resource Booker.

    • Analytics Dashboard Reporting

      Provide easy access to timetable related information to timetablers as well as occasional users.

    • Resource Booking

      Allow occasional users to book resources of many types in a controlled way.

    • Publishing

      Allow staff, students, and visitors to see the timetable for a given resource and/or a personalised timetable, depending on permissions.

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