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Intelligent Defect Management

Transform how your organisation identifies and manages defects leveraging the power of artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Snap Send Solve Connector

Give your community the ability to directly report issues to council on the spot via the Snap Send Solve App.*

Analytics Enquiries

Harness the power of your organisation's information to build engaging enquiries and gain richer insights.

Field App Inspections for Compliance

Give field workers the power to complete inspections in the field, on any device.

Intelligent Defect Management

Automate the way your organisation locates, identifies and rectifies defects using Intelligent Defect Management.

  • Capture defects for multiple asset classes with constant 'camera to cloud' video uploads
  • Identify affected assets with details on defect type, location and severity
  • Improve efficiency with instant updates to existing or rectified defects

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Snap Send Solve Connector *

Empower residents, ratepayers and visitors to use the Snap Send Solve app to report issues that need addressing in their community.

  • Simply connect residents directly to council via a third-party mobile app
  • Provide direct updates on the status of reported issues through Snap Send Solve
  • Eliminate double handling of information by automatically creating the request in Ci Anywhere Request Management
*Snap Send Solve is a third party citizen subscribed app.

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Analytics Enquiries

Leverage our powerful new enquiry tool, designed to create engaging enquiries on your organisation's real-time information.

  • Build appealing tabular data using images, colours and shapes
  • Utilise consolidation, filters and grouping to get deeper insights
  • Take action on your data with the use of drilldown and detail views

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Field App Inspections for Compliance

Boost efficiency and simplify the way your field workers complete onsite inspections.

  • Schedule and download inspection details to a workers device
  • Leverage an intuitive, tailored mobile experience to conduct inspections
  • Perform inspections onsite, in an online or offline mode

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Other enhancements

Our goal is to deliver enterprise software that’s incredibly simple to use. That's why, for every release, we are focused on enhancing our product capabilities and ensuring we meet industry standards to create a seamless experience for our customers.
  • Product Enablement

    • Checklists enhancements

      Leverage extended functionality including additional input types, dynamic questions and an improved notes experience.

    • Proforma Migration

      Experience usability improvements and increased automation to reduce Proforma implementation effort.

    • Data retention policies

      Provide the ability to configure timeframes for retention and cleanup of different types of data.

    • Enhanced Activity Logging

      Gain insight into user activity with capability to log information on search queries, parameters and filters selected.

    • Menu lists

      Group functions within a menu structure to provide on a Role.

    • Links to other functions

      Allow for quick navigation to related functions.

    • Server Folder functions

      View and maintain server folder functions in Ci Anywhere.

  • Financials

    • e-Invoicing enhancements

      Automate response messages for received e-Invoices.

    • Payment Times Reporting Scheme

      Report payment times from the invoice received date to the payment date for small business suppliers.

    • Travel & Expenses

      Capture individual attendee details including Employee, External and Associates for accurate downstream reporting.

    • Executive Information Enquiries

      Utilise powerful criteria within definitions and improve user experience with drilldown controls.

    • Reporting Analyser enhancements

      Leverage updated reporting functionality to simplify how to access and utilise your information.

    • Archiving

      Manage archiving processes within Ci Anywhere.

    • Charges & Billing

      Manage Charges & Billing maintenance and processing within Ci Anywhere.

    • End of Period Processing

      Collate common end of period and housekeeping functions within one interface.

  • Enterprise Cash Receipting

    • Transaction Transfer in Ci Anywhere

      Streamline the transfer of receipts to Ci Anywhere Property and Rating.

    • Payment File Processing enhancements

      Allow for the consolidation of related payment file line items to be grouped onto the same receipt.

    • Guest Portal Payment enhancements

      Enable partial payments to be made online using the Guest Portal.

    • End of day enhancements

      Utilise the balance and bank option in Ci Anywhere to complete end-of-day session balancing.

  • Supply Chain Management

    • Automatic stock allocation

      Streamline stock processing with support for automatic stock allocation.

    • Inventory Product maintenance

      Allow for maintenance of inventory and local products in Ci Anywhere.

    • Purchase Order amendment enhancements

      Leverage usability improvements including support for editable grid lines.

    • Requisition from Alternate Suppliers

      Select alternate suppliers for catalogue items.

    • Purchase Order ‘Save as’

      Streamline the creation of a new requisition from an existing order.

    • Support Purchase Order acknowledgement

      Streamline confirmation of purchase order details with a supplier via EDI messaging.

    • Web Catalogue setup process

      Leverage personal workflow functionality to step through the business process of creating a web catalogue.

    • Sourcing enhancements

      Extend the permissions available on an Approach to Market including separation of duties.

    • Contract Party enhancements

      Create Service Contracts with a debtor from Ci Anywhere Property & Rating.

    • Stock requisition enhancements

      View a full history of a stock requisition from inception through to dispatching.

    • Inventory product criteria maintenance

      Create and maintain inventory product criteria in Ci Anywhere.

    • Contract Upgrade worksheet

      Upgrade supported Ci Contracts to Ci Anywhere Contracts in bulk.

  • Enterprise Asset Management

    • Asset booking enhancements

      Simply progress asset bookings using Business Process Automations and view an asset's booking history.

    • Asset Purchasing via Financials Data Entry

      Directly enter invoice details in Ci Anywhere Data Entry to initiate asset purchasing/creation.

    • Field App - Support parent selection codes

      Leverage support for parent/child selection codes within the Field App.

    • Field App - Support additional BPA features

      Utilise extended capabilities for Business Process Automations including the 'Add Message' feature and T-Script support.

  • Spatial

    • MapBuilder select by location

      Launch a map and select nearby information based on current GPS location.

    • MapBuilder Layer Categories

      Display and allow a user to easily select location information on a map.

    • Data Entry Templates for Overlays

      Enable Data Entry configuration in Public Maps and MapBuilder in Ci Anywhere.

    • User Layers in IntraMaps

      Empower end users to tailor their spatial experience by adding catalogue layers directly to their maps.

    • Centralised Basemap Printing

      Streamline Basemap printing configuration for system administrators.

  • Human Resources & Payroll

    • New Zealand Leave Earnings Calculations for Payment of Leave

      Setup and calculate methods for employee leave payments based on organisational needs.

    • Support for multi electronic signatures

      Leverage support for multiple electronic signatures and choose the order of signatures in a configured business process.

    • Single Touch Payroll Phase 2

      Enable customers to comply with the new ATO reporting framework.

    • Personal Pronouns

      Enable employees to self-select how they should be referred to by others in communications and conversations.

    • CiA Analysers

      Configure and execute more reports from within Ci Anywhere.

    • Half and Double Paid Leave

      Enable employees to apply for and be paid leave at half or double pay, at the organisations discretion.

  • Property & Rating

    • My Portal and My Account enhancements

      Experience a simplified interface for customers to easily identify and manage all their activities with council including their outstanding debt.

    • Leading questions for Request Management

      Use smart questions to increase accuracy when determining the Request Type category.

    • Print options

      Provide consolidated print files for internal printing and allow a user to override default printer settings.

    • Compliance Enquiry and Lodgement enhancements

      Deliver a more intuitive experience with more options for customers enquiring and lodging an application.

    • Inspection Enhancements

      Allow inspection booking overlaps, add a checklist to a question in an inspection and leverage the ability to action Tasks and Clocks from one location.

  • Enterprise Content Management

    • Drag and drop context

      Simply drag and drop to index entries when registering documents.

    • DXP Meetings publishing

      Automate publishing of DXP Meetings documents including minutes and agendas.

    • Security and audit enhancements

      Gain a deeper level of information on changes applied to ECM Security.

    • Rapid processing

      Experience rapid processing of files captured within Attachment Grids.

  • Corporate Performance Management

    • Target Budgeting

      Enforce limits to ensure entered budgets do not exceed target allocations.

    • Budget Access enhancements

      Simplify budget access updates by allowing existing access to be removed as part of importing new or updated users.

    • Budget Pack exceptions

      Identify budget integrity issues, error flagging and warning notifications in one place.

    • Data Model enhancements

      Improve diagnostics for Stored Models and ability to set Variable value at Runtime for Online Models.

    • Advanced Query Types

      Combine queries together using Unions, Excepts and Intersects in Stored Data Models.

    • CiA Allocations

      Build and maintain Allocations in Ci Anywhere, with the ability to migrate existing Ci Allocations.

    • Enhanced ETL capability

      Run External Systems Posting from a Ci Anywhere ETL.

    • Playlist item - Crystal Report

      Run Crystal reports via a Playlist with presets to generate and distribute reports to end users.

    • Playlist enhancements

      Bulk select and run any number of items in a Playlist.

    • Simple Enquiries enhancements

      Allow for Simple Enquiries to be created and shown directly on a Workplace or opened directly from a link.

  • Student Management

    • Agent Portal

      Provide agent organisations with a self-service portal to make applications, monitor assessments and respond to offers and information requests on behalf of their students.

    • Admission Interviews

      Provide institutions the ability to trigger an interview as part of the application process to assist in determining an applicants suitability for study.

    • My Tasks Wizard

      Allow institutions to tailor student onboarding with the ability to group and complete tasks in a logical, sequential order.

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