2019A: Enhanced customer experiences

Our latest release delivers enterprise software that provides you and your customers with the superior usability and functionality you need to succeed.


Delivering the highest number of customer-driven enhancements in a single release.

Included in this release

Our latest software release – 2019A – delivers a full suite of core functions in Ci Anywhere including:

  • Succession Planning
  • Project Lifecycle Management
  • Investment Prioritisation & Optimisation
  • Sourcing

Put your people first

In today’s competitive environment, engaging employees and retaining top talent is a key strategy for your organisation’s success. The new Succession Planning module enables you to easily identify and cultivate top talent within your organisation, providing high-performing employees with a clearly-defined career path.

The Employee Transitions module provides a seamless, engaging experience for your new employees and their stakeholders, while ensuring compliance with your corporate policies. This module removes the manual effort associated with transitioning employees, and provides visibility to all stakeholders through intuitive interactive dashboards.

Capital Planning & Delivery

Capital Planning & Delivery, comprising Project Lifecycle Management (PLM) and Investment Prioritisation & Optimisation (IPO), completes the end-to-end Asset Lifecycle Management solution in Ci Anywhere.

PLM enables you to implement portfolio, program and project governance that conforms to globally-recognised project management frameworks such as PRINCE2 and PMBOK. PLM allows you to track the progress and stages of all projects and capture key information such as business cases, cost estimates, risks and benefits.

IPO empowers you to prioritise your project investment based on a consistent and transparent evaluation process, thereby giving you the ability to control how your project budgets are allocated.


Procure with confidence

The enhanced Sourcing module will provide you with greater visibility of your entire procurement process. Procurement officers can raise an ‘approach to market’ to existing or prospective suppliers based on predefined procurement processes. The leads to a systematic approach of awarding the business to the best-qualified supplier, as part of a streamlined, compliant and transparent process.

Key benefits

TechnologyOne provides SaaS customers with two software releases a year

Hundreds of customers have completed multiple upgrades of their Enterprise SaaS software, and have proven that a ‘like for like’ upgrade can be implemented in days or weeks, not months. So you can continue to run your business as before, and adopt features of the new release at a time that suits you.

Power of Evolution

Substantial investment into R&D each year means we provide our customers a strong, continuing competitive advantage through an enterprise solution that adapts and evolves by embracing new technologies, concepts and innovation.

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