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Enterprise Content Management allows VIT to efficiently capture, store and manage business documents

Case study highlights

  • Improved security and controlled access
  • Seamless integration with Microsoft Office 365
  • Access to documents anywhere, anytime


The Victorian Institute of Teaching was established in 2002 to oversee the registration and regulation of teachers across Victoria.

Each year, the institute processes more than 80,000 registration renewals and performs more than 30,000 National Police History Checks. It provides accreditations, oversees continuing professional development for teachers, and works with the Department of Education to develop appropriate regulatory mechanisms to support the teaching profession and the children for whom it is responsible.

The Victorian Institute of Teaching is responsible for processing tens of thousands of teacher registration renewals each year, as well as various other administrative tasks. However, it was using a document management system that required all applications to be submitted, processed and archived as paper documents.

“About 30 per cent of the business was using paper filing, and it was almost impossible to find crucial documents when you needed them,” says Victorian Institute of Teaching’s Director, Business Services Janiece Meagher. “You would be opening a folder within a folder within a folder to find anything – our system was like a big black hole.”


Together, TechnologyOne and the institute have developed a change management plan that took into account the complexity of the institute’s existing solution and laid out a strategy for implementing a simpler and more powerful alternative. The first stage of the TechnologyOne solution went live in June with the transfer of more than 2.2 million newly digitised documents from the institute’s existing solution to a new enterprise content management system.


The university implemented TechnologyOne’s enterprise software, overhauling many of its administrative processes. TechnologyOne’s Ci Anywhere mobile capability has played a key role in the university’s digital transformation.

“A key process that has been changed for the better is the handling of administrative forms,” says Mr Santamaria. “In the old system, people would have to search for individual forms on the website, find the right one and email it to us for filing and processing.

The institute now uses a sophisticated Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solution to manage its records and efficiently retrieve archived documents as they are required. This has laid the foundation for digital transformation that will see all administrative processes shifted to the cloud, where they can be managed with much greater speed and efficiency.

Director, Business Services
Victorian Institute of Teaching

Working with TechnologyOne has felt like genuine partnership. They’ve adopted our goals as their own and we’re now on track to complete a digital transformation that will create a much stronger community for the teachers of Victoria.


The institute’s previous solution was cumbersome, inefficient and liable to result in inaccuracies when paper documents were received and processed.

Ms Meagher wanted to find a way to better manage the institute’s records, ensuring compliance internally and speeding up the process of evaluating and approving registration renewal applications. Upon realising the scope of TechnologyOne’s enterprise solution, this project grew into a wholesale digital transformation encompassing changes to the institute’s IT processes and online applications.

“We’d already committed to an ICT strategy that required us to have all of our applications in the cloud by the end of 2017,” Ms Meagher says. “So the fact that TechnologyOne could handle document management and also help us shift to the cloud was immediately appealing.”

During the first stage of the project, the institute also moved 10 critical applications – including approvals, search and document applications – to the cloud, making them available anywhere and at any time. The institute was able to continue using Microsoft OneDrive, because TechnologyOne integrated perfectly with its existing Microsoft Office 365 solution.

“I used to have to email documents to myself if I wanted to view them at home,” says Ms Meagher. “Now I can access them on any device, regardless of where I am.

“The feedback has been quite positive. “The new system is modern, streamlined and very appealing to look at. Even though we offered training, most people turned out not to need it – the TechnologyOne solution is so easy to master.”

The institute will continue its digital transformation journey as its progressively moves more applications and processes to the cloud.


The Victorian Institute of Teaching’s ongoing digital journey has TechnologyOne Enterprise Content Management at its core. The software allows organisations to efficiently capture, store and manage information contained within business documents.

“Given how many paper documents we used to receive – thousands and thousands of them – ECM has been transformative,” says Ms Meagher. “Now we can categorise documents easily and retrieve them in a flash.

“Documents don’t get lost anymore,” she adds. “We’ve also been able to implement specific compliance protocols to ensure consistent processes across our organisation.”

By having its document management system in the cloud, Ms Meagher is confident the institute will be able to connect more meaningfully with teachers across the state.

“We’re committed to shifting all of our applications to the cloud by June 2017, and digitising all our documents by 2021,” says Ms Meagher. “This means working closely together with TechnologyOne – and I couldn’t think of a better long-term business partner.”

“It means that, in the future, we might be able to make teaching seminars more accessible via the cloud, even to teachers in remote locations,” she says.

Of particular value to the institute has been the program’s security settings, which allow it to carefully control who has access to sensitive information.

“ECM is so simple to use that it can be easy to underestimate its transformative potential,” says Ms Meagher. “But it really is the bedrock upon which we’re building our new information ecosystem – and I’m confident that it’s going to make things smoother for us, and smoother for teachers.”

About Victorian Institute of Teaching

The Victorian Institute of Teaching was established in December 2002 and functions as an independent statutory authority that oversees the teaching profession in Victoria. Its purpose is to “regulate the teaching profession in the public interest by enforcing high ethical and professional standards for teachers”. It does this via various regulatory processes, such as reviewing and approving teacher education courses, developing and promoting a code of conduct for the teaching profession and maintaining Victoria’s registry of teachers.

Victorian Institute of Teaching website

Publish date

13 Oct 2016

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