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City of South Perth has embarked on a transformative journey to align their systems to their customer first strategy with TechnologyOne’s DXP Local Government solution.

Case study highlights

  • Reduced duplication of customer service processes
  • Created a single source of truth for knowledge
  • Improved community experience

The Challenge

The City of South Perth is located in the inner southern suburbs of Perth, Western Australia, four kilometres south of Perth’s Central Business District. The City is 19.80 km2 in size and has a population of 46,703 residents.

As a local authority, the City interacts with varying organisations and individuals daily. The City takes this responsibility seriously and strives to understand and connect with their stakeholders, tailoring to suit individual needs. City stakeholders include residents, ratepayers, businesses, visitors, tourists, schools, not-for-profit groups and organisations, special interest groups, educational institutes, government agencies, the Perth Zoo, and others.

The City has a clear vision and customer first strategy: to provide their community with a frictionless digital experience. The first step in this journey was identifying the need to provide easy-to-understand and concise knowledge to the community.

The City identified that its current software was out of date, difficult to maintain and didn’t provide team members with a single source of truth. In addition, the software had duplicated content in separate locations that often led to confusion when responding to community enquiries. As a result, The City made the decision to adopt DXP Local Government (DXP LG) as the preferred solution to assist in providing a better customer experience.

Prior to the introduction of DXP, the City’s Customer Service Team used multiple systems to provide customers with information they required. Due to information coming from many systems, the team could not keep track of all customer requests, as they didn’t have the ability to capture and view interactions simply and effectively.

The City were faced with a decision, to stay with their previous software, build a data platform and their own customer experience; or find another opportunity.

The Solution

After identifying the need to provide its community with a compelling digital customer experience the City of South Perth decided to become an early adopter of DXP LG.

To commence its transformative journey and align systems with the City’s customer first strategy, the City implemented the DXP Knowledge Base and Customer Service to replace its existing solutions. The City recognised that early integration was a critical element of service delivery. Additionally, having an end-to-end view of a customer’s journey with the City provided their Customer Service Team with one point of entry to live customer information.

DXP LG offers a frictionless, citizen-centric digital experience that leverages the power of the City’s investment in the TechnologyOne’s OneCouncil solution. Designed specifically to meet the needs of Local Government, DXP LG delivers a seamless journey across all devices to align with modern customer expectations – making customer interactions simple and intuitive.

The DXP LG solution provides a unified knowledge base across council, empowering both City employees and the community to connect to the information they need, in a way that is relevant for them and easy to use.

Currently, the City is in the first stage of its DXP LG rollout, having already seen some benefits including Customer Service Interactions for effective interaction management and data capture, templates to create consistent content, and simple editing tools to make the creation and editing of content more efficient.

“DXP has immediately given us the ability to be agile and responsive to the needs of the team as well as having the tools available to ensure data capture is relevant during the interaction. The Customer Service Team have already seen several benefits including providing a better customer experience through increased efficiencies, consistent knowledge, and information provision, with the ability to easily capture and record interactions with our customers” said Garry Adams, Director, Corporate Service, City of South Perth.

“The big win is not having to raise a full request when we provide information. It’s a single source of truth for finding and logging customer details, accessing knowledge, and raising a customer request.”

In the second stage of the rollout at The City, the consumer-grade software will be introduced to the community, meaning customers can interact with the same knowledge currently used by the Customer Service Team, all managed in the same place.

“The DXP team were very supportive in guiding us through the process as well as demonstrating patience and customer centric thinking when working with our team.

There were broad technical capabilities to assist with different council models and structures and the team are excellent at translating council ideas into system structure,” said Garry Adams.

“The team always made themselves available to us which is quite important with the time differences between QLD and WA.”

Director Corporate Services
City of South Perth DXP

The power of DXP LG is in the integration with TechnologyOne’s OneCouncil solution. When we chose the OneCouncil solution, we decided we would take all available modules and it’s provided an excellent customer centric solution as well as providing a cost-effective outcome for us.

The Outcome

While the City of South Perth expects to see significant benefits as other departments outside of Customer Service start to use DXP LG, they have already seen real business benefits from making the switch.

The most tangible improvement the team has seen has come from the ability to capture all inbound interactions. Impressively, the Customer Service team are now logging 99% of calls as interactions, compared to 70% prior to the implementation of DXP LG.

“We have simplified our interactions providing us with additional customer information, automated workflow processes around article review so we’re confident that all articles are accurate and relevant, and the ability to navigate content in addition to search.”

“It’s allowed the team to provide a more customer centric response and has provided the City a single platform for both internal and external information and content,” said Adams.

About City of South Perth

City of South Perth is located in the inner southern suburbs of Perth, Western Australia, and is about four kilometres south of Perth’s central business district. The council is 19.80 km2 in size and has a population of 46,703 residents.

City of South Perth website

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