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CGB saved $35,000 in third party licensing costs and streamlined business processes with TechnologyOne's Enterprise Content Management

Case study highlights

  • Streamlined business processes
  • Saved $35,000 in third party licensing costs
  • Information available from any device

The Challenge

The City of Greater Bendigo was looking to upgrade its TechnologyOne Enterprise Content Management (ECM) system, streamline business processes and improve user adoption across the organisation.

“We really liked what we’d seen of TechnologyOne’s Ci Anywhere ECM solution at the Evolve 2014 user conference, and loved the look and feel. We came back really excited about implementing the new functionality,” said City of Greater Bendigo’s System Administrator Michelle Stewart.

The Solution

The council implemented TechnologyOne ECM on Ci Anywhere. Built on TechnologyOne’s proven Connected Intelligence (Ci) platform, Ci Anywhere introduces an exciting new era of enterprise software, allowing organisations to embrace smart mobile devices as part of their enterprise solution.

ECM enables Council employees to capture and access information from any device, centralising the storage of all business documents.

The Outcome

The City of Greater Bendigo has embraced ECM on Ci Anywhere across the organisation, with the system’s simplicity and ease of use driving user adoption.

“Staff have found ECM easier to use, which has been a huge benefit,” said Ms Stewart.

“Because Ci Anywhere is so intuitive and user friendly it has been easy to roll out, as it doesn’t require extensive training to learn how to use it.

“The additional functionality that came with Ci Anywhere has also removed the need for us to implement a third party scanning product, because that capability is built into ECM.

“We were assessing third party scanning products, which would have cost us an additional $35,000 in license fees for six or seven users, and a considerable amount of time and effort to set up. Now that we’re saving on that cost, we’re finding we can do more with our existing budget and headcount.”

Michelle Stewart
City of Greater Bendigo

Because Ci Anywhere is so intuitive and user friendly it has been easy to roll out, as it doesn’t require extensive training to learn how to use it.


The City of Greater Bendigo has implemented TechnologyOne’s Enterprise Content Management (ECM) Ci Anywhere product, upgrading from a previous version of ECM. The council has changed the way it uses the system, with the intuitive functionality driving improvement.

“Moving to Ci Anywhere gave us the opportunity to reassess some of our business processes and see if we could streamline manual tasks,” said System Administrator, Michelle Stewart.

“We’ve been able to improve a lot of our processes by being ‘smarter’ with our use of ECM, and shaping our processes around the system functionality.”

The City of Greater Bendigo is using ECM as part of a wider TechnologyOne enterprise solution, which includes Financials and Human Resource & Payroll. With over half of the council’s 300 regular ECM users embracing the Ci Anywhere functionality within the first six months, Ms Stewart said she anticipates this number will increase significantly as the council rolls out the rest of its products on Ci Anywhere.

“We’ve started using Ci Anywhere in our records management team, and they use ECM to do all registrations. We’ve already received requests from other staff to move to Ci Anywhere, after seeing the records team using it and loving the look and feel,” she said.

“Once we move our other TechnologyOne HRP and Financials software to Ci Anywhere, we expect takeup of ECM to soar even further.”

The City of Greater Bendigo and TechnologyOne are continuing to maintain a strong partnership relationship, with the council working closely with the company’s R&D team to provide feedback and influence product direction.


The City of Greater Bendigo is using ECM to easily and efficiently capture, store, use and manage information contained within its business documents, with access from any device, anywhere, at any time. The software's native mobile device capability enables the council to move seamlessly across different devices throughout the day, ensuring the data being accessed flows on to the device being used at the time.

“The focus for businesses at the moment, particularly for local government, is the use of mobile devices,” said Ms Stewart.

“Having our enterprise software available on all mobile devices is key to enabling flexible work arrangements.

“TechnologyOne is one of the few companies offering a mobile option that isn’t different to the standard desktop product. It’s the same software, regardless of whether you are on an iPad, mobile device or computer.

“Other software providers often have mobile apps that are a cut-down version of the software, and don’t offer the full functionality. With TechnologyOne’s system, staff can be off-site and have access to everything at their fingertips, the same as they do in the office.”

About City of Greater Bendigo

The City of Greater Bendigo is a local government area in central Victoria, Australia, with a population of approximately 100,000 across its land 3,048km2. The council was formed in 1994 after the amalgamation of the former City of Bendigo with the Borough of Eaglehawk, Shire of Strathfieldsaye, Shire of Huntly, Rural City of Marong and parts of the Shire of McIvor.

City of Greater Bendigo website

Publish date

16 Mar 2016

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